Meet Tala
Welcome. I'm Tala Scott the founder of the Divine Union Relationship. I began the initial research into relationships and devised the Evolve Programs. Ten years ago I found the courage to leave my destructive marriage and created a new and inspired life. I would now like to inspire others to do the same.

About Tala



  • Founder of Divine Union Relationships – Evolve Today
  • Researcher of Divine Union Programs – 20 years
  • Author – “Heaven on Earth”
  • Teacher – Meditation – 15 years
  • Events Manager
  • Teacher of Divine Union Relationships


My journey began during a crisis point in my marriage. It was during this time that I realized I needed to save myself and my family from the pain and suffering we had endured. My marriage was over. I devised a new plan to restore my self-esteem – small changes to my limiting patterns and beliefs, healthy eating and regular exercise began the transformation.


An inner knowing of Divine Union was compelling me to believe in a sacred love and a better life even though at this stage I had no idea that it existed. With renewed confidence and belief in myself I successfully obtained a position as an assistant accountant. “He walked into the kitchen of my workplace and the room began to fill with light”… my Divine Union had arrived.

My life purpose then truly began. How do I describe to you what this love called Divine Union feels like? The words I use are sublime, blissful, joyous, happiness beyond words to describe and lots and lots of fun. It’s more than all of these feelings though, it’s an incredible way of life.

In my heart I wanted to share what I had found with as many people as I could.  This love had changed me and allowed me to know myself better. So began 20 years of research and study and the birth of the “Evolve” programs. Education – Healing – Empowering others to believe in love.

It is my belief and understanding through my own life experiences that everyone deserves to love and be loved unconditionally in the sacred love called Divine Union.

The most productive way we can teach these concepts are:

  1. Books – “Heaven on Earth”, “Heaven on Earth Begins- 7 Stages of Love” :– my personal journey to Divine Union
  2. Divine Union Consultation – “Especially designed for you”
  3. Training: Evolve Programs – Introducing the Quantum Energy Balance
  4. Programs – Love Package, Self-Renewal Package and Healing Package with Olya

Book a Divine Union Relationship Analysis.  It will help you to discover what love has install for you.

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How can we work together

By choosing an Evolve Today product or service we can work together to achieve your goal in healing and opening your heart to new love.

Newly created self-help programs designed especially for YOU in your quest for love and a better life
Union Consult
You receive Akashic Record Blueprint, Divine Union Relationship Analysis & Relationship Review
Magical to experience – new teachings of “7 stages of love”, canapés, champagne, giveaways