Evolve Programs

Introducing – Quantum Energy Balance

Create the loving relationship and life you want! It all starts with you…

Introducing Evolve Programs

I am so excited to finally be able to share this specialized work with you. Evolve Programs work with life changing results. Let’s work together to create change.


Subconscious beliefs create limiting patterns that produce fears, anxieties, self-doubt and worry. This can create feelings of being lost, confused, anxious and unfulfilled. One of the main areas in life that suffers is relationships – with ourselves and others.


  • Take a moment to reflect. What do you what you want from life?
  • Is there an internal barrier?
  • What would you like to change?
  • What would you like to achieve?
Evolve Programs Work!

Connect to your inner knowing, your inner guide

  • Achieve self-renewal, growth and empowerment
  • Heal from the pain and hurt of past relationships
  • Shift mental and emotional blocks and patterns that hold you back
  • Find balance in all areas of your life
  • Tap into your inner strength
  • Allow your authentic self to follow your dreams and goals
  • Review inner fears, anxieties, self-doubt
  • Positive changes in career, home, relationships, health
You deserve happiness, joy, fulfillment,
achieving your dreams and wishes.

All you need is love…

but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!

What to expect

Step 1:  The Evolve Programs are unique as they are designed especially for you.

Step 2:  The components of the programs are designed to meet your specific goals – love and life aspirations.

Step 3:  The Evolve Programs work on a Quantum Level to heal and move your life forward.

Step 4:  Sessions are wonderfully supportive, allowing you to take time out for you.

Key Points

Try something new to enhance your life

  • Healing on a Quantum level creates opportunity for real love and life change
  • Align, shift, balance on all 4 levels of mind, body, soul and energy
  • Learn new self-development and self-love techniques
  • Allow yourself to feel supported as you receive valuable transformation tips regarding love and life
On offer are packages or individual sessions.

If you would like further information before booking, please call Olya on 0400 025 522.

Individual Sessions

Evolve Quantum Energy Balance
1 hour $150

Life Coaching
1 hour $140

Holistic Hypnotherapy
2 hours $250

Past Life Regression
2 hours $250

Our Packages
Love Package

For those seeking the divine union – the ultimate relationship.

Interactive program which includes:
• Initial consultation
• 4 sessions – The Divine Union QEB (Quantum Energy Balance)
• Meditation exercises
• Mindfulness tips
• Relationship strategies
• Weekly support – 20 minutes
• Daily inspirational quotes
• Copy of Tala’s book “Heaven on Earth”

$700 – payment plans are available on request

Self-Renewal Package

It starts with you…

For those seeking self-development and growth or change.

• Initial consultation
• Life coaching
• 3 sessions – Evolve Today QEB (Quantum Energy Balance)
• Meditation exercises
• Mindfulness tips
• Holistic hypnotherapy (optional)
• Daily inspirational quotes

$500 – payment plans are available on request

Divine Union

The perfect companion to the Love Package.

Divine Union Relationship Blueprint
• Consultation with Tala Scott
• Divine Union Relationship Analysis
• Relationship review


Healing Package

Healing the pain of love. Letting go and moving on.

For those who want to heal from unhealthy or limiting relationships.

• Initial consultation
• 3 sessions – Evolve Today QEB (Quantum Energy Balance)
• Holistic hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression (optional)
• Life coaching
• Meditation exercises
• Mindfulness tips
• Weekly support – 20 minutes
• Copy of Tala’s book “Heaven on Earth”

$600 – payment plans are available on request


As a result of my time with Olya I have made positive changes to my life and feel confident about my future, time to let the past disappear. It’s a wonderful modality.

Faye, Melbourne

My relationship had reached a crossroads. The Program helped me to make the right choice for me. I have now moved forward in my life and am ready to let in a new relationship.

A, Melbourne

I was trying to leave a controlling relationship and was stuck and very unhappy. Olya made me feel so safe and supported. I have since moved away and have stared a new relationship

K. Qld

I hadn’t grieved for the loss of my mum and I was holding onto the fear of being abandoned. The program worked. I highly recommend it

J, Melbourne