About Divine Union

We are at the beginning of a remarkable new journey. It is time to experience a different world and learn to love in a whole new way. Are we ready? Can we let go of what we already know about the Twin Flame relationship? Are we able to embrace and implement new and original ideas? We can access a sacred relationship in our everyday lives.

The next level of the Twin Flames is called the Divine Union Relationship. This relationship is unique, but not well-known to many people. It is unique because it has the following components and connects couples at the levels of:

  1. Heart – loving emotional feelings
  2. Body – chemistry and attraction
  3. Soul – the real, the inner you
  4. Mind – thoughts in harmony

The Divine Union Relationship is more real than the conventional relationships you may already know and have experienced. A conventional relationship is filled with problem and difficulties that can sometimes end in separation and divorce. The reason the conventional relationship breaks down is because it has one or more of the above components missing.

Unfortunately, we are living in times where divorce and broken relationships are prevalent. Confusion and difficulties are constant and couples struggle to understand the complexities of love. Today the way couples find love has evolved and changed. Social media has taken precedence and is the norm. Relationship challenges remain evident mainly because education is missing. Relevant tools and strategies are needed and new teachings are required to understand the beauty of the Divine Union Relationship.

Evolve Today is dedicated to supporting you to improve or heal your current relationship, to heal the hurt of past relationships and to assist you in your quest to find new love.

Are you ready to find real love that lasts? Are you ready to stop dating a man who won’t commit? Are you ready to meet your perfect someone? He will love you with truth, integrity and a pure heart.

Self Love

As you begin the Divine Union Relationship Training the values of self-love and self-acceptance are the foundation. Know, honor and love who you are. If you require further assistance go to the Evolve Today Packages.

Divine Union is Unique

Divine Union is the next new and exciting Stage of Love – soul mates, twin souls, and twin flames are well-known. If you require further information you can purchase a copy of Tala’s book Heaven on Earth Begins to learn about the dynamics of the Divine Union Relationship.

Divine Union Training

Divine Union Relationship Training – is a 2 day Intensive Training Program that will assist you to find YOUR Divine Union Relationship. The training includes a personal Relationship Reading and a Divine Union Balance.

Recipe for Love

The Divine Union Relationship has a strong foundation built on 20 years of research and study. Many couples have found their relationship and weddings have taken place during this time. The Divine Union Training Program is very successful.

Healing the Pain of Past Love

Ladies, if you are carrying pain and suffering or disappointment and rejection from a past relationship, Evolve Today offers Olya’s Healing Package. This package can assist your healing journey.