Omega Balance ™

“Shine Your Light”.. live the love, truth and beauty that you are!”


The Evolve Today “Omega Balance ™” is a safe and deeply transformational process of rebalancing your chakra system to bring you back into alignment.

You deserve to feel amazing, balanced and whole and to love yourself unconditionally, all of you!  It takes courage to grow and change.  It takes courage to open your heart and accept that cleansing and clearing is the first place to start to access new love.

How does the Omega Balance ™  relate to letting go of past relationships, to opening to new love?

Did you know that you carry the energy of past relationships in your subconscious and that you carry these stored memories, patterns and limiting beliefs into new relationships?

Did you know that these blocks and fears remain unresolved until the pattern or belief is cleared?

Your subconscious has locked and hidden these patterns and beliefs in your pain body.  These are hidden so deep that they often don’t even come into our awareness.  It’s not until we find ourselves repeating the same mistakes, feeling disempowered, self-sabotaging or just locking our hearts to new love, that we get an inkling that something is out of balance.

The “Omega Balance ™ ” is likened by our clients to an internal shower.  It is a powerful way to take back control of your life and remove your past partners once and for all.

Now is the time to take action if you want to heal an unhealthy relationship. It’s time to get serious and clear out past partners from your chakra system so you can let love in again, this time, with the purity and sacredness that love deserves.

“And suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings!”

Are you ready to let go of yesterday?

“Love finds you when you find it in yourself”

What you can expect?

The session is a deeply blissful experience.  Allow about 1 hour for this special “me time”.

Find yourself a space where you can block out the busyness of life and not be interrupted.  Perhaps put on some chillaxing music, dim the lights or light some candles, make yourself comfy and warm.

But most importantly BE OPEN to the possibilities and adjust that internal voice to Simply Allow…

Sometimes we are so afraid of change we keep holding on even though there is nothing left.  Let go… give yourself permission to glow, to break free from limiting constructs.

Omega Balance ™ sessions are done remotely.  We chat before and after, but I allow you to experience the fullness of the balance in private.

Individual session – approx. 1 hour  – $150

Block of 2 or more sessions – approx. 1 hour – $125

For more information about the Evolve Omega Balance ™  or to book a session please call Olya – 0400 025 522 or email