Heaven on Earth

By Tala Scott

Sometimes, if we are incredibly lucky, we are genuinely blessed to encounter something that is truly sacred. In those moments, it’s possible to believe that everything happens in our lives for a reason. For one woman, her brush with the sacred occurred on the heels of heartbreak.

After surviving alone in the barren wasteland of an abusive marriage, an angel—in the guise of a man—entered Tala’s life. On that starry night, with one magical kiss, the teachings of Divine Union are revealed to her to share with the world.

Heaven on Earth is a true story, an inspirational narrative of the journey to a sacred relationship called Divine Union, the love that lasts. Tala’s story is revealed through the process of amazing dream-vision experiences. As the teachings of Divine Union are relayed, she travels through the life-changing events of love, death, sacrifice, survival, surrender, forgiveness, and the release of destructive emotional patterns that imprisoned her family in cycles of pain and suffering for many years. This is her story of triumph, of finding the courage to survive insurmountable obstacles, and to walk the path to an incredible new life.

Readers Comments

I absolutely loved this book…. I couldn’t put it down. It is a gem, filled with important, life-changing tools to use in everyday life.

Katherine, Queensland

My sister and I adored reading this book and can’t wait for the second one to be published.

James, Tasmania

Beautifully written, inspiring and uplifting. It contains multiple layers of insights that are thought provoking. Pure gold.

Leonie, South Australia

If you are looking for help with your relationship or life direction this book is a must read.

Maria, Melbourne
About Tala
Tala is a relationship consultant and teacher of the Divine Union Relationship. She has dedicated a decade of her life studying and researching Divine Union teachings that are new and innovative.
Sneek Peak

New book Release – 2018

“Heaven on Earth Begins – The 7 Stages of Love”

Tala’s life journey continues as she reveals new information regarding the 7 Stages of Love.  An intriguing and fascinating insight brings to light the next level of teachings.