Twin Flames – The next exciting level……  Divine Union

ENJOY a day of new original teaching, specialized guided meditation, and music…. You will be given new information of Twin Flames, the next level… with a new perspective and deeper understanding.

All States –

Dates for workshops for 2019 coming soon !

Interactive 1 Day Workshop


• Your Blueprint Reading with Tala

• Omega Chakra Balance with Olya

We look forward to seeing you there!


Email:  or simply call Tala on 0439724678 to book



“The workshop with Tala and Olya was so inspiring and uplifting. The new teachings I received will certainly bring more love and joy in my current relationship  – it was a magical experience, not just an event.“   – Jemma, Brisbane, 31

“OMG I didn’t expect that… the new teachings given about the next level of Twin Flames were awesome.  A workshop packed with integrity and joy, we had so much fun. Congratulations Tala & Olya.”   – Olivia, Sydney, 27



  • Is your Twin Flame relationship just okay or are you experiencing difficulties?
  • Can you and your partner communicate through life’s ups and downs?
  • Do you think finding “THE ONE” who stays forever is impossible?
  • Are you tired of the merry-go-round of unfulfilled relationships that don’t lead anywhere?

We get it. It’s okay to feel frustrated by your current relationship. You may even be holding on to old hurts and wounds from your previous relationships.

Single ladies… Do you want a healthy relationship that ‘feels right’ and lights you up? We want this for you too.
So, are you ready to open your heart and mind to new teachings?


  • Learn how to access the next level of the Twin Flame relationship – The Divine Union
  • Unlocking the 7 Secret Keys to the Divine Union
  • Discovering the 4 components you MUST HAVE if you want your relationship to work.
  • Healing the 7 Stages of Love – Past Relationships
  • Live Relationship Readings with Tala
  • Understanding Sacred Sexuality

If you’re ready to have an amazing, life-changing experience come along to our workshop.

Enjoy a day of information, transformation, meditation, music, and guidance that will change your perspective on relationships and your life in a positive way.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had! 

–  Tony Robbins

For more information about Twin Flames – the next level – The Divine Union Relationship go to our Divine Union page.