Gateway to Divine Union

Heaven on Earth is a true story – an inspirational narrative of my journey to a loving relationship called Divine Union. The teachings of Divine Union are revealed through life-changing events and amazing dream-vision experiences. Divine Union is a relationship destined to heal the family as we move into the empowering direction of unconditional love. It is my belief that we are ready to hear new information and receive tools of awareness that will help us to break free of limiting patterns and out-dated beliefs. Check out this blog for regular insights and further excerpts of Heaven on Earth…..

Here is the first excerpt of Heaven on Earth – detailing the beauty and majesty of the Divine Union Relationship.

Chapter 1: The First Glimpse

I have never been a material girl. The thought of diamonds parading in their own splendour has never captured my heart. The diamond essence to capture my heart is whispered in the eternal flow of our stars, a gateway to incredible worlds beyond. Their essence is engaged in a secret knowing, lovingly cradled within the soft embrace of our universe. Our universe is awe-inspiring with its ebb and flow, exuding the soft tenderness of the mother and the humble strength of the father.

Within my heart is a story I have been entrusted to share with you. A story, yet the truth of a sacred love destined to change the way we think forever. This dream-vision experience reveals the first glimpse.

A chain of golden light encircles my heart pulling me closer to him. His lips glide effortless across my bottom lip. They are gentle, yet demanding my full attention. Glorious sensation cascades over my over-active cells. He repeats the pleasure with my top lip, purposefully thorough in the joy of his discovery. His hands cup my face while his thumbs caress my skin with a passion that needs to be known. Tenderly his lips open to claim mine. I shiver involuntarily. He tastes of nectar. The ancients refer to this nectar as the sacred divine. My true inner self- the real me, jumps out of the safety of my physical body into the sanctity of his waiting arms. The force of contact creates vibrating surges of bliss. Radiating around his body is a golden glow. His hands slide down by back, gently guiding my body closer to him. His kiss deepens; his soul’s love wraps itself protectively around my heart. Our bodies, now connected begin to vibrate. The vibration is gentle at first. Within a few minutes it ripples in intensity from the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes. We are merging-heart, body, soul and mind. My body isn’t registering any feeling, just an all-encompassing love beyond limit that is pureness itself. At this point I wonder if my physical atoms are going to explode or die. Sensing my reaction his kiss softens and slows in intensity. Reluctantly, it is time to return. His beautiful hand holds mine, reassuring me that when he is with me, I am always safe and protected. As light as a feathered wing, we descend into the reality of everyday life.