Meet Olya
Welcome. I’m Olya Bojczuk. I have always had a deep interest in personal development and as such have worked as an exec in Adult Education. When Tala first introduced the training and programs, it became clear to me that they were needed and would benefit many people. The results to date have changed and enriched peoples lives.

About Olya


  • Director Monash Professional
  • Head Navitas Professional Training & Development
  • B.A. Grad Dip. Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coach
  • Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics
  • Practitioner training – Reconnective Healing Dr Eric Pearl
  • Michael Newton Institute
  • Teacher of “Evolve” Programs (practical)





I met Tala in 2011 and she has shared her many years of research and the amazing knowledge she holds in the area of the Divine Union Relationship. Under her guidance I have spent the last 5 years learning new innovative ideas and techniques in helping people to access the Divine Union Relationship and transform their lives.

What I love about the training and programs is that they are tried, tested and they work.  The joy of working with the training and programs is twofold….  ladies ARE finding the sacred love called the Divine Union Relationship. And secondly the programs are dedicated and created to assist others access new and exciting opportunities.


I have my own personal experience and growth with the Evolve Programs.  My life has changed and I have experienced real growth as a person. The inner change has created an outer affect in all areas of my life. As I continue to grow I have a greater empathy and understanding of the needs of others and how the programs actually work.


The Divine Union Relationship is the most sacred love we can access but people need to know how.  Living the Divine Union in our daily lives is really the optimum experience life has to offer us. The journey to change your life starts with you. If you’re looking for self-renewal, new love or healing past relationships the Evolve Training and Programs are the place to begin. Please contact me if you would like further information.

Call me on 0400 025 522 

How can we work together

By choosing Evolve Today training or programs we can work together to achieve your goals in opening your heart to new love.

Newly created training programs that are designed especially for YOU in your quest for the Divine Union Relationship
Tala reveals new teachings in her books to change and challenge the way we think about love and relationships
``Girls night out`` Come along and enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles with friends and learn about the Divine Union