Meet Tala
Hi, I'm Tala Scott. I am an author, teacher and the Founder of the Divine Union Relationship. 20 years ago I began the research and study of personal relationships and I found a formula to help others obtain a healthy, loving and long-lasting relationship called the Divine Union Relationship.

About Tala


  • Founder –  Divine Union Relationship
  • Researcher –  Divine Union Programs – 20 years
  • Author – “Heaven on Earth” and “Heaven on Earth Begins -to be published August 2018”
  • Teacher – Divine Union Relationship & meditation
  • Events Manager – “Largest Breakfast in Australia”

Tala Scott is an author, teacher, and Founder of the Divine Union Relationship. She has dedicated 20 years to the research and study of relationships. Combined with experiential teaching Tala has helped thousands of people to find their Divine Union Relationship.

Tala has spent many years transcribing the ancient teachings of past civilizations into the modern era and teaches the core principles of the “Formula of Love”

Tala imparts this wisdom and knowledge through her highly sought-after Divine Union Training programs. The life-changing message of the Divine Union Relationship provides the tools of self-love and self-mastery in each person.

Tala is the mother of four adored adult-children. She lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland and is currently working on her third book ” A New Heaven Upon A New Earth,” in the Divine Union Relationship series.

How to Find Your Divine Union Relationship?

My life purpose is to teach the core principle of the Divine Union Relationship to as many people as I possibly can. How do I describe to you what the love in this relationship feels like? The words I use are sublime, blissful, joyous, happiness beyond your wildest dreams. And yet, still, I haven’t really described how astonishingly beautiful this love is. I simply don’t have the words to do it justice.

What I can tell you for certain is this.  My life has changed in the most incredible way imaginable since I was introduced to my Divine Union twenty years ago. This love changed me and allowed me to know who I truly am. The pain I was carrying from my past relationship healed and I was amazed that I could love my ‘Divine Union so totally and be open in my heart to allow this man to love me the same way in return.  The Divine Union Relationship Training has been devised and created for you. So, come along and learn the core teachings – “The Formula of Love,”  so that you will know how to find your Divine Union Relationship. The training will help you to understand YOUR Divine Union. Evolve Today was created for YOU! “Educating, Healing and Empowering others to believe in love.”

It is my belief and understanding through my own life experiences that everyone deserves to love and be loved unconditionally.

If you would like to know more about your Divine Union Relationship Training book a free 10-minute session with Tala via email.

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By choosing Evolve Today Training programs we can work together to achieve your goals in meeting your Divine Union Relationship.

Newly created training programs that are designed especially for YOU in your quest for the Divine Union Relationship
Tala reveals new teachings in her books to change and challenge the way we think about love and relationships
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