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Evolve Today is a relationship consultancy created to help women find THE relationship that lasts, the Divine Union Relationship!


Would you like to become an Omega Practitioner?

Are you interested to learn more?

Tala Scott has taken ancient wisdom and created updated core principal teachings that have taken the Twin Flames to the final stage. It is called the Divine Union Relationship. As an Omega Practitioner, you will be responsible for working with clients as a mentor. Your training will give you the tools to implement and offer a comprehensive 6 or 12 month program to assist women find their Divine Union Relationship. 


The Omega Program consists of 2 components. The first component involves teaching the practitioner how to read particular patterns of the Omega Card Deck that reveal the core teachings of the Divine Union Relationship. Tala has created 56 cards that indicate where the client has limiting patterns and beliefs about past relationships that block them from finding their Divine Union Relationship. The card sequence creates a story that gives the practitioner relevant information needed to assist the client in a profound way.

Olya gives the practitioner first-hand experience of the Omega Chakra Balance. This balance clears away wounds that sabotage and keep the client stuck and unable to let go of unfulfilled relationships. The program also revealed an added bonus for the client, as the card and chakra balance will shift limiting patterns and beliefs in other areas of life eg. Career challenges and family differences.


The benefits of becoming an Omega Practitioner are varied and can be life changing.

Enhancing your service – You are already providing an amazing service for your existing clients. The Omega Program offers an extra service in the area of relationships. These are new teachings that are being offered to you.

Self-help – Women are looking for new ways to implement this in their daily life.

New Teachings – You will be part of a new pioneering concept that will become extremely popular in the next few years.

Next Level – Most people are curious and excited about the discovery of the Next New Thing – as an Omega Practitioner you will be working directly with your client and holding sacred space for them to work directly with their Higher Self. This will allow healing miracles to occur, new ways of moving in their lives and accessing the greatest love at the highest quantum level that can be achieved so far.

Business Growth – More clients will grow your business in a progressive, positive way.

Personal Growth – You will be part of a community, like-minded women who will support and offer networking opportunities as well.

Further Growth – As an Omega Practitioner, you will be offered travelling experiences and working with Tala and Olya as Evolve Today grows in the next few years.


Training: Will commence with an Initial 2-day group training weekend. The weekend training features theory and practical exercises that are interactive and fun. Training will be followed by one-on-one teaching sessions with Tala.

Cost: To be discussed with Tala & Olya

On-going Support: Olya provides you with on-going support and answers any questions you may have regarding training.


Evolve Today is a relatively new expansion of the business with 20 years of research and study as its core foundation. The teachings you will be given are tried, tested and true. They work!

Our Queensland Omega Practitioners are having amazing results mentoring their clients and they are having new shifts and movement toward finding true love. It is also important to remember that your current modalities will work in harmony with these new teachings and you will have the opportunity to see how the combinations work together.

Our most precious life experiences are contained in the relationships that we have. Whether it be personal, family or community. When we experience harmony, balance, beauty and sincerity, our lives flow more perfectly and we experience the joy, happiness and serenity and that is our birthright.

If reading the information on this page creates joy in your heart and excitement in your soul, you may well have found the beginning of or a connection to your life mission. You have been fulfilling your life purpose. Now is the time to give yourself the opportunity to step out more fully and be led to your next exciting chapter.

We would love to have the opportunity to talk with you further. Please reach out and give us a call. Take the first leap and the steps to take will become clear.



Qld Omega Practitioners

Introducing our first group of Omega Practitioners :

(from left to right)

Vikki Speller – Sunshine Coast  Facebook

Kerri-Ann Morgan – Brisbane

Adriana Frassanito – Brisbane  Facebook

Suzanne Fox-Kennedy – Gold Coast Facebook

If you would like to know about their other modalities please contact Practitioners directly.

TASMANIAN Omega Practitioners... in training