Practitioner Training

Evolve Practitioner Training

Evolve Practitioner Training is open to women dedicated to fulfilling their life purpose and who are ready to share their unique gifts and abilities with others.


  • Would you like to pioneer a new idea to advance our human evolution?
  • Would you love the idea of expanding your business and reach a wider audience?
  • Do you enjoy being of service to others?
  • Are you ready and open to learning new teachings about relationships?
  • Are you keen to offer a new service to your existing clients?


  • The Evolve Practitioner Training involves: 
  • 2-day Self-Mastery Course (weekend course)
  • 3-day Certified Evolve Practitioner (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)


  • Advanced Courses:
  • Evolve Practitioner Teaching – Foundation Course
  • Master Training –  Area Region


“Love is real and helping others to achieve a healthy, loving relationship is worth the work involved.”

Course Content

       What we cover:

2-day Self-Mastery Course :

  • Introduction:  Evolve Chakra Balance
  • Introduction: Divine Union Relationship Program
  • Relationship techniques – Introduction to the Omega Connection
  • Past, Now and Future connections
  • Blueprint reading – Your Life Purpose and Higher Plans and more…..


3 day certified Evolve Practitioner Course:

  • Divine Union Relationship Course
  • In-depth Evolve Blueprint Reading from Tala – Your Highest Path
  • Evolved Chakra Balance
  • Teachings: Advanced Ancient wisdom
  • Omega Connection- new teachings regarding the next stage of relationships
  • Building the Antahkarana
  • Evolve exercises and techniques to add extra value for your clients and more…..

For further information regarding the Evolve Practitioner training please call Olya Ph: 0400 025 522


Melbourne / Perth / Adelaide

All you need is love…

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