Training & Packages
Evolve Training

At Evolve Today training we guide you through a plan to put you on the correct path to help you secure a long-term, loving relationship.


  • The Evolve Training has commenced. It is a new program combining teaching and practical techniques regarding the Divine Union Relationship. We provide extensive training to assist you with the processes you need to create the love you want.


The Evolve Training … ENJOY a day of information, meditation, music and guidance that will change your perspective on relationships and your life in a positive way.

  • One day interactive workshop:    In-depth Divine Union Relationship workshop
  • Plus..  prior to workshop commencement:
  • Your personal booked appointment – Divine Union Relationship Analysis – Tala
  • Your personal booked appointment – Omega Balance – Olya
  • On-going  support based on individual needs
Evolve Training Course

         Evolve Today – What we cover:

  • Teaching –  detailed training of The Divine Union Relationship
  • Techniques for self-love and self-renewal
  • How to shift mental and emotional blocks and patterns that hold you back
  • The 5 Steps to heal a broken heart
  • How to tap into your authentic self to create your dreams and goals
  • Understanding Sacred Sexuality
  • The 7 Stages of Love – understanding the merry-go-round of past relationships
  • Review inner fears, anxieties, self-doubt
  • Re-invent positive change in all areas of your life

For further information regarding training please email or call Evolve Today

“Love is real and worth the work involved.”

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS 2018:   Call or email us to book your spot

Brisbane –  Sunday 25th November 

Sydney –     Saturday 8th December

Sydney –     Sunday 9th December

All you need is love…

But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!

Olya offers packages which compliment the Divine Union Training

If you would like further information please call Olya on 0400 025 522.

Divine Union Packages

Healing the pain of love. Letting go and moving on..

For anyone wanting to heal from unhealthy or limiting relationships:
• Evolve Today Divine Union Balance sessions
• Meditation exercises
• Mindfulness
• Heartfulness
• Relationship support
• Holistic hypnotherapy (optional)
• Copy of Tala’s book “Heaven on Earth”

Divine Union Self Renewal Package

Believe You Can and you will…

For anyone seeking self-development and growth or change.
• Self-renewal
• Personal goals & life direction
• Open heart techniques
• Holistic hypnotherapy (optional)
• Shifting patterns that hold you back


As a result of my time with Olya I have made positive changes to my life and feel confident about my future, time to let the past disappear. It’s a wonderful modality.

Faye, Melbourne

My relationship had reached a crossroads. The Program helped me to make the right choice for me. I have now moved forward in my life and am ready to let in a new relationship.

A, Melbourne

I was trying to leave a controlling relationship and was stuck and very unhappy. Olya made me feel so safe and supported. I have since moved away and have started a new relationship

K. Qld

I hadn’t grieved for the loss of my mum and I was holding onto the fear of being abandoned. The program worked. I highly recommend it

J, Melbourne