Sneak Peak

A New Heaven upon a New Earth – the third book in the trilogy of love series. Here is a sneak peek revealing information and wisdom of the Divine Union Relationship.

Chapter 1: All Things New

A New Heaven upon a New Earth – The Divine Union Relationship was ready to commence in earnest. During the past six months I had been feeling an urgency to apply for a passport to organise my first overseas trip to Cambodia, Siem Reap. It was imperative that we visit Angkor Wat. This was the destination that had been foretold.

As I read the brochure I became more intrigued with each passing moment. It stated that Angkor Wat was an awe-inspiring temple that is stunning for both its grand scale and incredible detail. Those who walk the causeway to the main entrance and through the courtyard to the final main entrance is basically travelling back to the first age of the creation of the universe. Angkor Wat also depicts the spatial universe in miniature.

As I read further my heart began to beat in rhythm and harmony with the flow of words I was reading. Always a good sign. The ruins of Angkor Wat contain the keys necessary to understand the teachings concerning the meaning of life. “Well, nothing important there then,” I conclude with a wry smile, breathing in large gulps of air.

As I continued to read the brochure it stated that the meaning of life teaches that the secret lies in the identity of opposites. In truth duality is only the product of our senses. Opposites are actually complimentary and if we can see that, it is possible to glimpse the unity of all creation.

At the summit of the temple mountain there stands the womb house. In sanctuaries such as that of Angkor Wat was performed the ritual marriage, the hieros gamos – describing the sacred nature of the union of man and woman – Divine Union. In the Upanishads the husband proclaims “I am the Heaven, thou are the Earth.

Angkor Wat is more than a romantic city lost in the jungle. Indeed it could be aptly called the “pilgrim’s progress” in stone for in a sense the energy there describes woman/man’s search for what is real, for light and for something in us that will not die with our bodies. The energy contains the keys necessary to open the doors that are to be encountered in life. The outer temple is a reflection of what is buried deep within.

“Well, that explains everything,” I thought with deep reflection and slight trepidation. Angkor Wat it is! Time to organise my passport and begin packing light cotton clothes. My first overseas trip! The thought was awesome and a little overwhelming. A special friend and colleague was going to accompany me. She was well travelled, sensitive, kind and loved adventures. The perfect travel companion.

As I reflected on my life during the past seven years, I had completed the journey through the 7 Stages of Love and survived. In truth I had more than survived, I had grown, flourished and become the very best version of myself that I could be. In my quest I had discovered my authentic self. Happiness, joy and love radiated from my cells. There was literally a brand new me. I had earned a sacred rite of passage. It had been epic. Epic, it is such a small word but carries far reaching messages associated with it.

I had a sense, an intuitive feeling that I had only touched the fringes of my previous experiences with epic adventures. Discovering a New Heaven upon a New Earth was going to be a journey quite unlike anything I had experienced so far. My journey of the past twenty three years was finally going take me home. Home to where the divine heart resides!