Table of Love

All great stories weave magic and mystery into the dynamics of a truth or a message that needs to be heard. This blog is going to teach you truths and give you messages and insights above love – specifically, the Divine Union Relationship – as you weave through magic and mystery each week. This is my mission, my promise, my personal guarantee.

So, let’s delve in……..

What do we really know about love? Until I had the privilege of meeting my Divine Union I can say, in all honesty, not very much at all. We hear the majesty of love as it is composed through melodic symphonies in music, we see the majesty of love as it is painted in glorious hues of colour through strokes of genius on canvas in art galleries, and we can feel the majesty of love in the rich tapestry of sacredness in the words of Rumi’s breath-taking poetry. Yes, we are aware of the grandeur of it all….but what is true love and how do we find it?

We have heard the words – Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Twin Souls, heart to heart connections, sacred mysteries, god and goddess…..the list goes on……

I wanted to know and I am sure you do too….but what is real love?

Our great thinkers and philosophers tell us that the inner sanctity of the heart holds the key and is the puzzle piece we need to find real love. But how do we connect to this mysterious place in the heart?

So many times I have heard people say “I don’t believe in love, true love is a myth, it’s only real in the movies. And at other times they say “love just isn’t for me, I keep attracting the same bad relationship all the time.” And in that moment my own heart breaks a little as I sense the futility and the frustration that comes from holding onto limiting patterns and beliefs. If you feel this way then you do not have love. What you have is a life of pain and suffering.

Let me tell you a truth. Let me give you a profound insight, a little piece of magic. The heart only knows how to give and receive love. We are gifted with only two emotions in life. Love and fear. All other emotions are derived from these two. Let me also share with you that I know with absolute certainty that we have the ability to obtain the greatest love possible.

But first, it all starts with you. The first step to take is in developing a relationship with yourself, the creation of ownership of your heart. We cannot look for love outside of us. Love has to be acknowledge first from within.

One of my greatest teachers of unconditional love once told me that love is simply all there is. Let the beauty and profound simplicity of this statement touch your precious heart for just a moment. To allow another human being access to the jewel in the heart is a tall order. To share your life with someone can be overwhelming.

The power of love is a super power. It is intricately precious beyond belief when we trust it, when we learn to navigate the intricate paths it leads us to. You are more powerful than you would believe. Dare to dream the dream of love, dare to learn the truths hidden in its loving embrace and you will know you have accessed the inner heart.

Come and sit at the table of love regularly, it will feed your heart and lighten your soul.

Love and blessings……………..Tala