Tala’s Poetry
Hi, I’m Tala and welcome to my poetry page.

Writing is my passion and the outlet I utilise for my creative pursuit.

As a young woman I found solace and beauty in expressing my feelings and thoughts.

Sharing our stories – expressing how we feel and think – is cathartic and can be profound. I possess the ability to look into the heart and soul of people and see their hidden joys and sorrows.

My poems are heartfelt, honest, loving and sometimes raw in expressing human traits. I have been told that they are inspiring, transformative, thought-provoking and amusing.

Let your own inspiration guide you to read the poetry listed here. If any of them resonate with your heart then know I have written it especially for you.

Love and blessings, Tala.
Poetry for all occasions.

Send your special someone a beautiful poem to uplift the heart or soothe the soul. 
All poems are unique and written with someone in mind.
Available as a downloadable PDF for $5.00