The 7 Stages of Love

My journey of the Divine Union Relationship continues in Heaven on Earth Begins – The 7 Stages of Love. It’s now time to discover the different stages of love outlined in the next enthralling book of this trilogy.

Here is an excerpt from Heaven on Earth Begins – The 7 Stages of Love

A decade has passed since Heaven on Earth – the first trilogy of love – was written. Many new life experiences have emerged and are swirling within my heart. Anticipation fills me to the brim as I sit eagerly waiting to transcribe the sacred teachings of Divine Union once again.

Only those brave in heart, body, soul and mind can fully understand the wonderment of this new love story that is beginning to emerge from my heart. My soul dances to the rhythm of new and amazing life situations and circumstances. If you are willing to explore the Divine Union Relationship you will be astounded to discover the most amazing opportunities.

I hold a deep-seated belief that we are emerging from the dark cocoon of unknown veils of illusion that blind and bind us to the harsh world of lessons, pain and suffering. Some people endure so much suffering that they want to give up on life, they don’t want to go on.

The light of new truths are beginning to emerge, and in time, will set us free. But first, there are steps to take, mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome. The wisdom I have gained during the past ten years has revealed to me that the path to obtain freedom comes at a price. It demands our willingness to let go of life’s struggles and to cultivate the understanding that we deserve to live the glory of so much more. In truth, we are faced with the demands of change and growth, to seek assistance to remove limiting and outdated patterns and beliefs.

Old patterns and belief systems create emotional and mental wounds that leave us exposed, fragile and broken, unable to see an amazing life shining through luminous shards of light. The endurance of pain and suffering is adorned like amour that is tightly squeezing around the sacredness and sanctity of the heart. The ability to shine the brilliance of our true potential is lost, fear has immobilized us, frozen the love contained inside. To love and be loved is the true key we seek to unlock the heart’s hidden treasures.

The road I have travelled and the experiences I shared with the men portrayed in the 7 Stages of Love opened my life to higher truths and new understanding of the human heart and mind. There has been happiness, wonderment and joy as I discovered deep feelings and emotions regarding the synergy of love. Rejection, pain and old emotional wounds also re-surfaced as I learnt about limiting patterns and beliefs that kept me from accessing divine love. Ultimately, the journey has led me to the discovery of my authentic self.

At the end of each stage of love I developed a deeper understanding about life and how we fit together as men and women. I discovered hidden secrets and truths, new and amazing insights to share. Each level revealed that higher stages and levels of love do exist, that we do evolve to the sacred life of the Divine Union Relationship.

Ultimately, we are not born to suffer. We are born to experience the very best that life has to offer, to let love guide our lives as we evolve and bond together as the family of humanity. The Divine Union Relationship holds the keys we seek. We can and should have it all.

Now that I have completed and integrated the 7 Stages of Love I am ready to soar to new horizons. As I reflect, I acknowledge with gentleness, understanding, gratitude, wisdom and love that ultimately I am not the same woman I was before. As a young woman in my early thirties I possessed enormous faith and courage, yet I stumbled through life. This occurred because I possessed limited knowledge concerning the core understanding and wisdom regarding love and relationships.

It is my belief and knowing that education is our best course of action. My life purpose is to teach the sacred love contained in the Divine Union Relationship, to help you find a way out of the maze of confusion and limited understanding. The basis of our happiness and joy depends on the personal love we give and receive with another person. Honouring and loving yourself is the way forward that leads to the ultimate destination. It is the cornerstone and fabric of the future we can build together to locate the miracle of the ultimate, the Divine Union Relationship.